Jordan inaugurates ADFD-funded $210mn petroleum storage facility

The petroleum facility is part of ADFD’s $1.25bn contribution to the Gulf Development Fund

Jordan has officially inaugurated the UAE-funded $210 million Petroleum Storage Facilities project, which included the construction of 22 storage facilities for light petroleum products including LPG as well as petroleum derivatives- diesel, gasoline and jet-fuel.

A water treatment system along with a loading and unloading area for tanks were also developed as part of the project.

Senior officials from the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) attended the launch of the 356,000 tonnes facility that was part of UAE’s $1.25 billion contribution to the Gulf Development Fund which is a $1.36 billion initiative of the GCC member countries to finance development projects in Jordan.

Commenting on the project, Director General of the ADFD, Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi said: “The Petroleum Storage Facilities project in Jordan has important economic development benefits.”

“Apart from upgrading the oil sector infrastructure, it is designed to help the Jordanian government address challenges in achieving energy self-sufficiency and securing strategic reserves of petroleum derivatives.”

Meanwhile, Jordanian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Hala Zawati praised the efforts of the ADFD and said that it has been providing strategic funding to key energy projects which in turn help in stimulating Jordan’s economy.

She also added that the new Petroleum Storage Facilities provides storage units to maintain a reserve of petroleum products enough for 60 days of domestic consumption across Jordan.

Moreover, Zawati said that that apart from creating ongoing job opportunities, the project will enhance Jordan’s oil security and infrastructure.


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