Ukraine Pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai unveiled

The pavilion will showcase the nation’s technology sector through innovative inventions

The Ukraine pavilion for the Expo 2020 Dubai has been unveiled, with ideas like smart life, smart thinking, and smart feeling explored through the pavilion’s design.

According to the expo’s organisers, the pavilion will be located in the Opportunity District, and explore the cultural heritage and innovative spirit of Ukraine as well as ‘find solutions to humanity’s problems through collaboration, creativity and common sense.’

The exhibition will be under the theme ‘Smart Ukraine: Connecting Dots’ and showcase the nation’s thriving technology sector- with inventions such as an e-bike which can travel 380 km with a single charge and a 3D printer for ceramics and solar blinds that generate energy.

The Eastern European country’s pavilion is said to incorporate the themes of the expo – opportunity, mobility and sustainability into its journey, with the Expo 2020 Dubai website reporting that the pavilion will focus on improving living standards, using resources efficiently through sharing and balancing our needs today with that of the future generations as well.

The pavilion will also home to ‘abundant nature’ and ‘picturesque flora’ which will help to create a restful ambiance. Other entertainment options such as fashion shows and topical seminars to national cuisine and creative performances will be available in the pavilion.

“Ultimately, the experience seeks to challenge visitors to reassess their approach to modern life, while also highlighting Ukraine as a progressive nation with plenty of possibilities for business and tourism,” the expo organisers concluded about the pavilion.


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