ADM awards $14mn in projects to Tristar Eng. and Florida PDC

Community markets and service station projects part of private partnerships drive

Saif Badr Al Qubaisi, general manager of Abu Dhabi City Municipality, says two newly signed agreements with property developers are part of a drive to partner with private developers to deliver facilities and services to communities in the emirate.

With construction costs expected to total $14 million, ADM has awarded Tristar Engineering and Construction Company with the $9.8 million task of constructing then operating a community market in Mohammed bin Zayed City. Florida Property Development Company has additionally been awarded the contract to build and operate a $4.8 million service station for residential districts at Al Shawamekh city.

“These two projects are part of a full package of integrated projects and service facilities the municipality is intending to undertake in implementation of the vision of Abu Dhabi government for bolstering the cooperation with the private sector. The projects will also step up the development drive and add to the new projects needed for delivering modern services to the community at world-class standards,” said Al Qubaisi. “The partnership relationships with the private sector will contribute to the improvement of the attractive investment climate and the growth rates envisioned by the Abu Dhabi government.”

He added: “The Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities – Abu Dhabi City Municipality is keen on cementing the relationships with the private sector, attracting investments, improving services and introducing modern service facilities. The municipality will continue with its partners in the private sector for the construction of investment, recreational and service project that bringing happiness to people such as Al Maqta Canal, highway rest areas, and service stations among other services improving the quality of life.”

The Mohammed bin Zayed City community market will be built in Sector Z-23 of the district and cover 23,316 sqm with a floor area of 13,989sqm. The operation of the market is set to start in the final quarter of 2020.

“The contract provides for the construction and operation of a community market in collaboration with the private sector,” said ADM in a statement. “The market comprises retail outlets, community facilities, government service counters for residential districts, which will realise the aspirations of the Municipality (3 in 1), bringing together community facilities, retail outlets and customer service elements. The agreement calls for Musataha and operation for 30 years after two years for construction.”

The contract for the construction of the service station is based on the principle of Musataha for 30 years, after three years of construction. The station is expected to start operations in Q3 2021. The area of the land on which the station will be built is 5,585sqm in Sector SHM9 in Shawamekh with a floor area of 4,888sqm.

ADM added: “The service station to be constructed at Al Shawamekh city is part of the service stations at residential areas that cover the mainland. The project will be developed and operated with the private sector and offer a diverse cast of maintenance services that cover carpentry, repair services for household appliances, plumbing, electricity and air conditioning services, tire and auto parts trading, car repair and washing services, and many other services.”




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