Hydra Village Zone 8 properties to be handed over this month

Abu Dhabi developer Hydra Properties also making headway on Hydra Avenue project

Hydra Properties LLC. has announced that it will begin the handover of Hydra Village Zone 8 located in Abu Dhabi’s Shahama area to its new residents by the end of this month.

The million-plus square feet Zone 8 development consists of 582 two-bedroom villas and low-rise residential buildings, and various amenities including swimming pools, landscaped areas, an outdoor gym and children’s play areas.

According to Hydra, the development is sold-out and all owners of Zone 8 will get their keys this month. The zone is part of the overall Hydra Village development on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, located on the road to Dubai.

Mohamad Al-Habech, chief commercial officer, Hydra Properties, said: “Reaching the handover point is always a significant and very rewarding milestone as we know the owners of these properties are very keen to get hold of their keys. The demand for properties in Zone 8 has been extremely high all the way through construction, just as it has been in the other zones. There has been an obvious trend of people looking further outside the city to get more for their money and Hydra Village delivers that and more.

“Another reason for its popularity is the number of people who have to commute between Abu Dhabi and Dubai on a regular basis or couples who have jobs in different cities. Again, Hydra offers them a convenient option while providing a comfortable living for them and their family.

“We are confident the owners will be delighted with their new properties and we look forward to the increased sense of community now that we have more people living in Hydra Village.”

Hydra Properties also said it is making headway on its Hydra Avenue development, a premium waterfront location on Reem Island offering apartments that include lifestyle facilities and amenities. When complete the development will consist of six towers, between 24 and 29 storeys, interconnected by a mixed-use podium that spans across five floors, for residents living in the 1,812 apartments and 39 townhouses.

Al-Habech added: “We have a long-term vision that we are always working towards to create communities that offer comfortable living in urban settings, therefore I’m delighted by the progress we are making as we continue to make that vision a reality.

“We look forward to expanding the existing Hydra Village and Hydra Avenue communities and offering comfortable lifestyles to more families and residents in Abu Dhabi.”


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