Saudi’s Saleh Abdullah Al-Mahana awarded Bahrain medical complex contract

Long-stay Care Centre one of three projects planned

Saudi Arabian contracting firm Saleh Abdullah Al-Mahana has won the contract to build Muharraq Long-stay Care Centre in Bahrain, the first phase of three planned projects for a major medical complex funded by the Saudi Development Fund.

Signed off by Minister of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Minister, Essam bin Abdulla Khalaf, the project is part of an integrated medical complex comprising also a maternity hospital and a proposed center for multiple sclerosis patients, in addition to the existing elderly care centre, said the Bahrain News Agency (BNA).

Construction on the $30 million project will commence in the third quarter of this year, and last for 24 months, he confirmed.

According to the BNA, the project is within the first phase of projects of the Gulf Development Programme which covers the centre’s construction costs, construction of a central services building and all other facilities, external works, consultancy services, furniture, medical equipment, electrical and mechanical tools, non-medical and information system related requirements.

The medical complex features three projects. The first is a long-stay care centre with a capacity to accommodate 100 beds, providing care for patients in need of admission at the care center for long periods. The center will also include a reception area for emergency patients, wings and rooms for brain paralysis patients, wings and rooms for patients with other diseases, in addition to an isolation unit for patients with infectious diseases, a lab, a pharmacy, x-ray rooms, sterilisation units, a physiotherapy unit, administrative support services and a central building for non-medical services serving the medical complex, besides the central services for the medical complex like kitchens, washers and stores. The complex also comprises a maternity hospital with 50 beds, and a proposed center for patients with multiple sclerosis, said the BNA.


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